George Miles Stunt Double

Poet / Book Designer / Man About Town

Under this pier is where I met my best friend C C Bloom, y’all. (at The Coney Island Pier)

The handjobs must suck around here. (at West 94 St)

Oh, hey, I must be back from that balloon ride. We made rhubarb allspice frozen custard. (at Home)

You might not think it but I’m still in the balloon. (at Omaha Neb)

No one will let me out of this balloon. (at Lake Woodcliff)

View from the balloon of the balloon. (at Lake Woodcliff)

I’m still in the balloon! (at Lake Woodcliff)

View from a balloon. (at Lake Woodcliff)

You give good lap. (at Kitty Kat Tame-life Preserve & Annex)

Haymaker paws. (at Kitty Kat Tame-life Preserve & Annex)

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