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Thanks to Ma & Pa Dodd I can now both Crunch & Munch. (at Kitty Kat Tame-life Preserve & Annex)

Killing time in the bookstore and I counted sixteen (16) books for which I designed the interiors including the two pictured. I can’t get a job how-now-what? Inquire within. #bookdesign #DennisCooper (at Barnes & Noble)

Alert: it is still “snowing.” If you’re stupid please pull out your umbrella. (at PS 94)

Another tedious snow picture! I just made your day. (at PS 94)

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Fresh Meat: Prime Cuts From NYC Playwrights

From the Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company Web site: Playhouse Creatures proudly offers four one act plays that offer a bent view on our universal struggle to connect. Featuring new plays by accomplished and up and coming NYC playwrights: Jerrod Bogard(…

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Just. Read. It.


Just. Read. It.

The Radio Dept. - David

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Scrambled Background from Justin Dodd on Vimeo.

Backdrop projection test for Scrambled, one play in a night of one act plays, Fresh Meat, presented by Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company in November, 2013, New York, NY

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